We help homeowners and self-builders plan, prepare and manage building projects. From concept to completion, we work with our clients to ensure their dream becomes a reality, delivered on time and on budget.


In the pre-construction phase of a project, we design, plan and price the project.

We work closely with our clients to bring the project to life, ensuring even the most granular detail can be visualised at the outset.  From groundworks to roofing, from cupboards to lighting, we will touch on every aspect of your new living space so that an accurate plan and budget can be created and subsequently minimise costly project changes further down the line.

We can recommend architects, structural engineers and a wonderful team of specialist tradesmen, all of whom we have worked with on previous projects.  We liaise and negotiate with all parties on our clients’ behalf, whilst simultaneously guiding and supporting our clients throughout the whole planning and approvals process.


The construction phase of the project is essentially the execution and monitoring of the project plan.

We ensure that the right tasks are being performed at the right time and delivered to the right quality.

Our focus in this phase is monitoring and checking, ensuring we redirect and reprioritise the tasks as unforeseen issues and challenges arise.  In summary, we drive progress and make changes accordingly, keeping our clients fully informed, guided and supported throughout.


Towards the end of the build, we move into the post-construction phase where we work with our clients to assemble and work through a ‘snag’ list of any items that need to be adjusted.

We co-ordinate and liaise with buildings control to ensure final sign-offs and certification.